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Camas First Friday
March 3rd, 2017

Plan ahead to enjoy Camas First Friday in March with the "Go Green" theme. Fun activities for the whole family. Find the Lucky Leprechaun, visit the "Green Zone" and see how green Camas can be. Visit for more information.



This year's Final Lantern Tours
at the Fort Vancouver Historic Site
February18th & 25th

The historical vignettes in each building transport visitors back in time to see what life was like in the 1840s. A park ranger guides them through the reconstructed fort. For more information: Fort Vancouver Lantern Tours.



Recent Updates On Your HOA Board

We recommend that you use the new Forum in the Owner's area to comment and voice your opinions on this and any other subjects. You may choose to change your username after registering by clicking on Update Login.

Recent Board Actions Detrimental to HOA Members
Changes in By-laws affects voting access

Did you know that at the HOA Board meeting in November, the Board amended the HOA By-laws and revoked the right of homeowners to vote by mail, email or other form of electronic transmission? This is a right allowed by state law which was amended into our By-laws only two years ago when the 2015 Board recognized the need to better accommodate snowbirds. With its repeal, members can still designate a proxy to vote for them at a meeting, but history has shown that very few people are comfortable doing that, which always made it difficult to achieve quorum at the meeting.

Why would the Board do this? They likely hope you will assign one of them as your proxy if you can’t be at a meeting. The current Board is dominated by former members of the Restore Lacamas Shores Team. They’ve ignored the vote of the community taken last year and authorized the expenditure of $5,676 to hire a consultant just to tell them who has jurisdiction over our wetlands. That consulting contract is $600 more than the entire assessment increase ($5,060) for last year. All indications are, that’s just the beginning of their plans. Imagine what they will do if they can collect dozens of proxy votes!

This is not the only change to the By-laws, just the most egregious. To learn more, follow one of the links below:

Summary of Major Changes & Concerns
Comparison of Former & Current By-laws

ACT NOW!! Share your concerns about these actions by sending an email to with a copy to

Synopsis of Recent Board Meetings:

Below is the latest synopsis of the January 16 Board Meeting. I generally don’t editorialize in the synopsis, but sometimes comments require clarification. My comments are in red. If you would like to comment or post your opinions/thoughts, please post to the online Forum.
Synopsis of January 16, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of November 28, 2016 Board Minutes
Synopsis of October 17, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of September 19, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of August 22, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of July 25, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of June 27, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of May 5, 2016 Working Board Meeting
Synopsis of May 16, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of April 18, 2016 Board Meeting

ACTIONS speak LOUDER than Words...

All homeowners are encouraged to attend the Board meetings. WHY? To make sure financial decisions are made that benefit the majority of homeowners, not a minority. To find out latest board actions, please read the review below.
ACTIONS Speak LOUDER than Words!

ATTENTION Lacamas Shores Homeowners

There’s an important article regarding the HOA posted in the LS Owners section of this website, titled, Mass Exodus Signals Trouble. It’s important that all owners read this! 
Also as concerned homeowners of Lacamas Shores, we are compelled to keep the homeowners informed of the current Board’s slate of projects, activities, and actions that can have a significant impact on our community and HOA funds. Evaluate for yourself, the effectiveness of this current leadership and their alignment with our collective best interests.

Proposed Changes to the HOA/City Maintenance Agreement
Please read answer to the proposed re-negotiation of our maintenance understanding with the City of Camas.
Answer to the RLS/HOA Board Announcement, August 17, 2016



VIEWS Archives

The VIEWS newsletter was published bi-monthly in the past. New publication dates will be announced by the current board. Enjoy reading the history of Lacamas Shores in past issues.
VIEWS Archives



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Community Forum

We have created a Community Forum to allow all members of our neighborhood to express opinions, share ideas and be heard. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right and we foster creative, substantive dialogue within our community. Especially important is the right to address your critics.

We believe a open forum will allow our community to share, learn, gather information useful to address common concerns and to solve problems. When neighbors talk, solutions can be found.

The default "username" for the forum is your email address.To protect your privacy, you may choose to change your username by clicking on the update login link under the top menu, Login.
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Lacamas Shores has many amenities and activities available to residents. Follow the links to get more information.